Tuesday, January 22

You know who you are....

Don't you think it is funny when you run into someone (you haven't seen in a long time) you realize how some things stay the same although years have passed? Certain things in my past I have made myself forget. You know what I mean; The normal things like terrible relationships, stupid arguments, dumb decisions.... And then there are certain things I just hope I never ever forget. The more obvious things like my daughter's first steps, my first kiss (even though it was gross... he was a bad kisser!) and the first kick I felt from my youngest child. I will never be able to re~live those moments. However, I sincerely hope I never forget some people that I have been blessed to have in my life. From my first art teacher, Mrs. Black, who inspired me to nurture my talent to my girlfriends I lean on in times of sadness or stress. But now and then, through years and distance, I come across a person who has remained in my heart as if time has stood still. You know who you are and you will never be forgotten!

Thank you for always making me laugh!

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