Tuesday, January 1

My Unselfish Man

Here are some pictures of the gym set being moved last night. This is our bedroom during the actual moving process. My dresser used to be on that wall on the left, but we moved it to the other bedroom on the main floor which had been used as guest room/work out room/play room until Monday night.

This is where the gym set is going... My papercraft/beading area is to the right of the facing window and along the two walls to the right and behind me.

Here is Scott my wondeful hubby... He is taking down and reassembling the gym set for me in our old bedroom (future hobby room) because it is bigger and allows me more wall/work space. Don't you just love his pj pants?? He figured if he was going to have to work he might as well be comfortable doing it!

Here is the gym set moved and set in its' final resting place. I swear the only way we will ever move it again is if we have to move! THANKS, Honey!
I told Scott that I know that not many husbands would actually give up the bigger room as their bedroom for their wife to craft in the larger room... And you know what he said? He said, "All I need is room enough to lay my head down at night." What an unselfish man I am married to. I actually cried when he said that because it just reaffirmed to me that he is such a great man, husband and father. He is so giving and finally NOW supportive of my crafting business, I couldn't ask for OR FIND anyone more perfect than him.
Well... then again... "what'r you wearin?"...

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