Saturday, January 26

Comin' AT YA!

Quick post, as I am on a roll whippin' up the bracelets!

I FINISHED the Awareness Bracelets that will be in the Silent Auctions at the CROP for the CURE (link at left for you new readers today!) already this morning. I came downstairs to pick up the memory card for the camera so I can take pictures of them and figured I would update you about it since I was on the computer checking email!

I don't have the toggles that I have picked to use for the Awareness collection, so the bracelets will be posted without them, but I just can't wait to show you, they are AWESOME! I will be taking orders for these two special lampwork bracelets as well. I will not have these on hand to sell at the Crop because the beads are just too expensive for me to order in advance. SO, if you end up wanting one, let me know and I will let JEN, my lampwork artist~friend, know to light up the torch!

I will be back this afternoon to post the Awareness Lamp Bracelets (along with price) and also some other newbies that I am entering into a contest! I found the MOJO, so I am going to keep creating until I get wiped-out!

Have a SUPAH Saturday!

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