Thursday, January 3

Dishcloths...FOR YOU???

I made these dishcloths a few days back... sending them out today. They are for someone in my family who doesn't have any yet and I think everyone needs cotton crocheted dishcloths. They are so durable and will never ever die! I say this because when I was pregnant with KayLee (5 years ago) I was "nesting", as they say, and made a batch of the suckers. They still look great! I loved these HOT colors when I saw them and just had to make them for "this" person. I LOVE surprising people! Hee Hee!

I have never claimed to be an expert crochet-er... I don't like following patterns, I make it up as I go. I don't think these turned out that bad for "no pattern" and "little experience". I hope 'she' likes them! They will match her HOT kitchen utensils! NOW do you know who it is??

If you need some for a shower gift or small (blue or pink) ones for a new baby, let me know! I LOVE making them... they come together so fast... And, you know me, instant gratification type of person here, so that makes me HAPPY when I can get a sense of accomplishment in a short period of time!

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Tiffany said...

I want some!!!!! These are so awesome and so colorful!!!! Who ever you sent them to will love them and you so much!!!