Thursday, January 3

I was chatting...

...on the phone earlier with Ms. Valerie. (See earlier post on Friday the 28th of December) She is such a gem! She didn't mind that I hadn't sent her bracelets yet, even though she bought them on Christmas EVE!! I know, I know! But, Karen (owner of This Olde House) thought I was on vacation until Friday the 28th, so I didn't know I was supposed to re-size anything until then!

Then the snowball effect happened with moving my hobby room, bedroom and the kids' bedrooms all around. (OH, and of course, I shouldn't say that I am done yet, since the basement is totally trashed still where the craft area used to be) So, I finally called Ms. Valerie to get her address to send her the bracelets (she's in Missouri) she bought last week, and she was so nice about me delaying her jewels.

The reason I am blogging this is because it got me thinking that we could all learn a thing or two about patience, even me. I never ever rush through a checkout line or get impatient at CVS when I need to pick up medicine. The employee can only go as fast as their ability or register allows! BUT, now and then, I do catch myself getting all crazy about something trivial. So, unless your hair is on fire or you are profusely bleeding, step back and put yourself "in check". See if your impatience is really justified for what is happening around you! Yes, that person could probably move a bit faster. And, yes, he probably should know how to count back change without looking at the register's screen, but you know what? Slow down! Life will still be there when you get to your car to unload your groceries. You will get to the same destination eventually! Drive slower and enjoy the scenery instead of focusing on road-rage with the person in front of you who is driving like an idiot!

Thank You, Ms. Valerie, for having such patience and being so kind! Good things come to those who wait! So, I will be sure to drop in a little extra goody for you in your package! ENJOY!

SO, I am adding that to my list of goals in the left-side bar.... On my honor, I will TRY TO... ...Be Patient!

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