Thursday, January 17

Here they come!

Odds and ends from my favorite French lampwork artist, Marie. She is just divine! I asked her to throw together some extras if she had any she wanted to get rid of... NOW I can't exactly understand how she can part with them, but that is okay by me!!!! I am going to turn these into keychains, bookmarks and cell phone charms! If you see a few you want to put together in a keychain or something for yourself, let me know and I will hold them for you. There are a few extras here that go with some sets I already own, so I may be able to make some coordinating pendants now, too! Aren't these awesome beads? Click on the picture to enlarge and then look at the details of her dots, scrolls, swirls and flowers! They are so symetrical and balanced, she is amazingly talented!! She is what you call a PERFECTIONIST!!!!!!!

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