Thursday, January 24


Man, the past 48 hours has almost wiped me out! Wednesday mornings I have three hours alone without children. I have a friend of the family (one of my mom's best friends until Mom moved away) watch the kids for me so I can clean, run errands, etc. Amazing how much more you can get done without children tagging along or asking you for something causing you to have to stop and start a project over and over. SO, I did the house cleaning all morning yesterday and then after lunch I tackled the bead table.

I designed five main Awareness jewelry pieces to sell at The Crop for the Cure in March. I needed to get each design down so I would know how much sterling, swarovski's, pearls, etc., to order today. I will have more items than these five, but these will be the main focus of my Awareness jewelry selection at the Crop. Of course, I will be taking custom orders as well and will donate the proceeds to the Cure, too!

And, even though Scott was gone for a bit with the kids last night, I didn't get much accomplished. I had to figure out the supplies order and that can take forever sometimes! AND, of course, I was totally distracted with American Idol. Aretha cracked me up. She KNEW she could sing! AHHH! FUNNY! Just like sometimes people think they can cook! THEN, I HAD to watch Moment Of Truth. Unless you lead a totally perfect, Christian-influenced life and have never given in to ANY type of temptation, I wouldn't suggest going on this show! I wonder how many people will lose relationships/marriages after being on THAT show!

That was yesterday...... TODAY was a teacher inservice day, which meant a start of school after a 2 1/2 hour delay. SO, my morning was crazy! I went to a great gal's work (Hey, Ms. CS!) to measure her wrist for her bracelets to be re-sized and upon talking to her I ended up with a necklace order and some future orders for her friends and daughter-in-laws! So, that was cool!

I also managed to snatch up a babysitter for my two little ones a few days a week. Business is just too good right now to keep putting off these orders! My apologies for STILL not having some orders finished yet, IF you are one of the gals who is STILL waiting!! I haven't yet received my bead order from December! BUT, I do know it was shipped either last Saturday or earlier this week! SO, hopefully I will be ringing your bell next week!

Well, that is all for now, if any of the pictures came out clear enough, I will post a picture of the necklace that I made today and the bracelet that is now sold and living in a new home! It was one of my personal favorites!

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