Friday, January 4


I designed this purty thing about a year ago at our local scrap/bead store, but for some reason the crimp bead busted within a couple of days, so I put it aside and actually forgot about it. Well, while moving the crafty items upstairs to the new Hobby Room, I came across it. The design is actually different from before. The crystal sections were longer/larger and I only had two of the large crystal sections, instead of the four as it has now. I guess you could say that I have grown into the jewelry design and have found a sense of style. I didn't like it anymore once I really checked it out when I found it, so I re-vamped it and LOVE IT! The color combo before didn't look right once I left the store. The store's florescent lights didn't show the purple tone in the natural stones inside the store, so I didn't actually choose the right color for the smaller crystals. They were a light aquamarine and honestly didn't look so good in the sun. I guess that's why I pushed it off and didn't get it repaired right away. Well, it worked out alright in the end. I used a beautiful Sapphire SATIN, which gave it a purple-blue tone and it came out HOT! Do you like it, too?

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