Tuesday, January 22

New Items Coming SOON!

Hey PEOPLE! I hope everyone is doing well this cold and wintery morning!

I just wanted to inform you all that I am still working undercover on my latest line of goodies. A couple of you out there already know about it because you inspired it with your original order over 2 weeks ago! THANKS TO A. and K. for your input on this idea! I will be compensating you, don't forget! Also, any referrals will get you some free items, too!! A couple of my out of town customers have also added to the excitement of this new line, so it looks to be a hit!!!

I am still kind of stuck on a DEBUT date, since my calendar is full and I have about 11 items on order from you all, but the Open House may be sooner than you think! SO, stay tuned! Gotta go get my daughter ready for PreSchool!


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