Monday, December 31

Going on a Temporary Hiatus!

OKAY, so I have convinced my hubby that it is in his best interest to let me move my scrappin' and beadin' stuff upstairs into our spare bedroom with a DOOR! Having everthing down stairs in the basement (open to the elements, meaning children) is just not working for me. SO! He had agreed to let me move my stuff into the spare bedroom which has his gym set and a spare queen bed in it.

Well, after measuring it all up, I realize that if I switch my master bedroom to the spare room I will gain more room for my stamps, beads, work surface and storage. SO, after another phone call, my sweetie Scott has okay'd having a moving-party tomorrow! We have to tear down the gym ensemble to move it piece by piece because it is so heavy, break down my desk's legs to get it up from the basement, empty and re-organize the two dressers that I am taking upstairs since I am going from 4 dressers down to two and clean clean clean. I can't wait!

SO I WON'T! I am beginning NOW! While Josh is off to shop with his dad and Scott is at work doing inventory, I will start decluttering and sizing down what I really need to go upstairs! Thank goodness that the local scrapbook store is having their annual customer scrap sale again in Feb. We are allowed to sell any scrap items that we aren't using or don't think we will use and sell them in the store for store credit. I plan to take advantage of this for the first time since I need to size down the stash for upstairs-moving purposes.

I will post before and after photos if I remember! I always plan to do before and after shoots, but then forget to take the pictures BEFORE the "moving" actually proceeds!

I KNOW that I will get more done with the art studio on the main floor. My kids never play downstairs like I thought they would when I originally planned where to position my crafty items. They like to color and craft in the kitchen all the time and when they settle down to play or read or watch TV they go to the living room, not the family room in the basement, even though there is a huge TV downstairs! And, being uncomfortable with me on a different floor from them, I never ever craft before Scott comes home from work. I always end up hanging out with them, sometimes doing nothing but vegging myself. WHY not craft while they play in the very next room within sight-distance? MUCH better plan in my mind. SO OFF I GO!


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