Tuesday, December 11

Tuesday NIGHT!

Ok, so the posts below are short and sweet. I don't have too much energy or UMPF left for the day, AND I am STILL not done with my project that is due tomorrow evening for the "handmade-gift-SWAP".... Actually, to be perfectly honest... I haven't even started it yet. That is okay, I do my best work under pressure!

SO, the descriptions of the new beads aren't as "descriptive" as I would like, but it is all I can do right now to keep living. Every breath is getting harder and every sniffle is hurting my head. I really must rest now. I will have to work on the Swap Project off and on all day tomorrow to get it done between diaper changes, snacks, meals, cleaning, etc. At least I have everything I need to get it done already! NO last minute shopping! WHEW!

Enjoy the bead-posts and your evening!

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