Sunday, December 9


Oh, GEEZ! I have been so busy! After re-organizing all of the Swarovski crystals into MORE containers, I finally got to tackling the orders. I had to split them into more compartments so the crystals didn't start hitting each other and chipping. After I noticed a couple of the larger ones with small little chips, I realized what was happening and that was going to KEEP happening if I didn't address it right away. I am now onto my THIRD CraftMate case (each of which has 9 containers with 14 compartments each!!!); now that is A LOT of crystals! Maybe I will take a picture of that, too, just for fun!

I finished only 7 of the 16 orders, but should have most, if not all, done today. I love making the keychains the best, next to bracelets! Keychains give you free-reign on creating what you love, so they are fun fun fun! There are just a few items that I will post as of right now. Most of my orders are for gifts and YOU just might be a recipient, so I can't share those! BUT, there are a few items that I can share, so I will zip on over to the camera in just a bit and shoot-up!

ANYWAY! I had tons of fun yesterday doing some childrens items, so NATURALLY, my KayLee had to get in on the action... So, I made her a bracelet last night as well. THEN, I had to reward myself for a job well-done, so I created a gift for myself with some Swarovski Tahitian Pearls and just a tiny touch of sparkle with Indicolite (teal) Swarovski crystals and sterling beads. I had some left-over wire from re-vamping another bracelet, so I recycled it and made myself a little goody. I HAVE to wear my "WORKS"! It is the cheapest advertising around!

I will be back in a hop, skip and a jump with some pics for you. TILL THEN.....

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