Saturday, December 1

Perfect Gift for Mom (or for you, too)!

If you came to the two shows I was a vendor at, you might remember this watch face. I re-strung it to be neutral with just clear Swarovski's and sterling beads. (It was sterling and bright turquoise square cube Swarovski's)... As much as turquoise is a color, it is really quite a neutral, as it seems to go with just about any other color. Try it sometime and see if you agree.

This watch face is stainless steel, but all other components are sterling silver and Swarovski. It fits a 7 1/2" wrist snug. It is a heavy watch face in comparison to the rest of the piece, so I didn't want to make it too loose or it would just keep turning around face the inside of your wrist. $55.00 will bring this puppy home for Christmas. You can see it at This Olde House on 9th and Newton St. next week. If it isn't on display you just need to ask Karen to see the others she has behind the counter. She plans to rotate my items so she keeps the customers seeing new things every few days or so!!

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