Wednesday, December 5


So that is good news, right? Well, it kinda makes things boring, but really... Nothing to post right now. I am finishing up some stuff around the house. I went Christmas shopping this morning for the 4 kids (Josh isn't in the picture below, I think he might have felt funny about sitting on Santa's lap being 17 1/2 and all!), so I am glad that I got that much done. I took it easy today and spent "naptime" (which means chillin' to a movie, since they never sleep anymore) with KayLee and Isaac and I enjoyed every minute! I better since my nap-time days are numbered!

Some of my orders are being held up by some of the sterling findings and crystals being on backorder, but they should be in soon! I am going to be a mega busy this weekend, but will hopefully have all of the orders completed and delivered by Monday! That is the goal so I can begin to relax and enjoy the holiday season with my family!

Hope you are getting into the spirit of the season!
I will post something new tomorrow!

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