Saturday, December 1


Happy 1st of December! It is officially Christmas-time to me now. Even yesterday wasn't as Christmassy as today. Something about the MONTH of December makes me feel all snowy and fuzzy! I am headed out today for just a bit and then will return skipping to my scrap/bead studio (aka the basement)! I can't wait to get started on some new items! I have plenty to get me busy for the weekend, but will probably be halted by Tuesday until Thursday when my bead/sterling order will be arriving. I am out of sterling keychains and I want those to be done by Friday for delivery! SO, i guess I will be BUSY on Thursday night! YIKERS! But, I will take Tuesday to Thursday to get the tree up, make some cookies with the kids, and possibly even do some Christmas shopping! WOO HOO! Gettin' into the Spirit, FINALLY!

Off to pound the pavement to drum up some business! I will post again as soon as I get a newbie finished and completed!
Have a SUPAH Saturday!

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