Thursday, December 13

Swap Update!

The Swap (mentioned earlier below) I was in last night was AWESOME! I took a picture (below) of the holiday-tree that I made before I took off to Tiffany's to give it away... sniffle sniffle. I wish we had an elephant-Christmas swap so I could have tried to win it back. I usually love giving away my things but this one was difficult to part with. Mainly because I always keep the "first" of something I make. I like to re-do it with a little more perfecting for the real gift-giving. At least I am/was happy with this 'first' one. The little packages are the Hershey's milk chocolate nuggets. I told Kim if she didn't like it (not everyone likes the same thing) to re-gift it. She said NO she wouldn't do that; she said she loved it, but was going to have to try to figure out a way to keep her boys out of the chocolate!

I received an awesome gift of many gifts. Lavone gave me a wonderful square wooden basket with chocolate-raspberry truffles (YUMMMMMM), Josh Groban Christmas CD, a small book about "how to have a happy life" (which I read already last night when I came home!), a candle (that I burned all day.... till even right now) and her homemade gift was bath salts in a homemade tin/bucket. NOW, if you know me... I LOVE Bubblebaths. BUT NOW I live in a house with NO tub! SO, I guess I will just have to improvise by soaking my feet in them before I give myself my next pedicure! THANKS, Lavone!

EDIT 12/20 : I CASED THIS FROM: - I apologize for not giving credit where credit IS due already! I honestly forgot in the panic of having to get this and all the other stuff done lately!! Please check out LilyBean Paperie, her stuff is amazing!! Enjoy!

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