Tuesday, December 25

I have returned!

Merry Christmas all! I have returned from northern Indiana just a bit ago and unharmed I might add. There was a vicious (*in my opinion*) winter windy freezing rain storm on Saturday night that was quite ominous! No harm done, except to all the country roads. I honestly thought my van wouldn't make it out of some of the pot holes we went through!!

I have returned from my mini-vacation refreshed and ready to hit the scrap/bead tables! I have some new bead ideas and have set myself a little bit of a 2008 plan for Christmas next year already. Anticipating another busy fall to Christmas season next year, I have decided to have 75% of my Christmas finished by July 1st. THEN all I have to do from July to December is cook/bake/freeze homemade goodies, shop for the sister/brother in-laws that hubby and I end up drawing for in the swap, and wrap up loose-ends. Not a bad plan, I think. I am sure it would keep me less stressed and more able to focus on the 'Merry' in Merry Christmas!

Well, I better go unpack. The back of the van was filled to the ceiling on the way home. The kids raked in the toys, Hubby got a new nail gun to go with his new air compressor, and my In-Laws gave me some AWESOME new pj's and three new turtleneck shirts! I also got to shop for a new coat from my hubby. He told me I could get one and I found a really beautiful down-filled, calf-length black coat with fox fur trim on the hood. YUM!

Apparently I need to darken the door at Gordman's in Evansville next week/end sometime! MIL said she got my pj's and shirts there and they are sweeeeet! OH, and my Sister-In-Law gave me another CraftMate tote with more bead organizers, so I guess I need to buy more beads to put in them! I was contemplating on returning it since I just got another one, but my son, Josh, said that would be silly since he "KNOWS" that I will just end up needing another one eventually. And, of course, being as insightful as he is, he is right. SO, I am keeping it!! THANKS, JODI!

I hope you all enjoyed today
and didn't eat too much!
Merry Christmas!

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