Friday, December 21

Wrapping It Up - Literally!

UGH! I was up last night till near midnight (with Scott) wrapping up all of the presents.... ONLY to open them less than 24 hours later. We are having our Christmas early so that we can keep it special and small for the immediate family. We already had Christmas with my parents, now we will have the Anderson Christmas over the weekend.

I had a last minute nameframe order to fill last night and yesterday I ended up spending all day making gift bags for Eli's teacher, teacher's assistants, two office workers and the nurse. The two ladies in the office and the nurse probably don't get too much appreciation since they don't actually TEACH a small group of kids like teachers do, so I didn't feel it was fair to leave them out. (Especially since Eli had an issue one day at school which was unpleasant so that involved the nurse taking care of cleaning up after him twice! She needed to be rewarded JUST for that!!) The office gals and nurse got some Avon goodies; a selection of shower gels, sprays, lotions, scrubs and something else. His teacher and two assistants got a candle, a selection of handmade greeting cards by me and an Arbonne hand, foot or body lotion. ALL each had a handmade gift bag with a special tag made just for them. I hope everyone loved their 'gift of appreciation'!

I ran out of time to take pictures of the bags, so no post of that, but they were cute, trust me! The kids (Eli and Josh) have a half day of school today to jump-start their Christmas break, so I will have a chance to do some crafting with Josh helping keep watch on the little ones. I will post those pics tonight or sooner! I promise!

Have a wonderful Happy Christmassy Day!

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