Tuesday, December 11

Don't WAIT Till the Last Minute!

Geez, I am having a supahhhh long day. It does not help that I am under the weather with a cold either! I put Isaac down for a nap and decided to join him since my head felt like it could use a rest. It felt like I had taken some cold medicine already and was feeling all jiggy in the head and legs, but I haven't taken any medication all day. I bet I had a fever! ANYWHO....

I am in a Handmade Gift Swap, and of course have known about it for a month, but haven't started on my project yet. It is due tomorrow. Yeah, not good. THIS is WHY you should not wait until the last minute to do something. You never know if you are going to get a headcold and have three of your four children have the same thing as you the day before a project is due.

STUPID ME. OH WELL. I will take some pics of the newbie-beads and then proceed to the hand-made project at hand. Check back...... THANKS!

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