Saturday, December 1

Restringing with Secret Ingredient!

I have been pulling out some of my bracelets and re-stringing them. This one was made toooooo large. So, I re-vamped it and added my new secret Ingredient! I love it more than before. This bracelet is on the more pricey side. The lentil beads are made by a lampwork artist that is known in the "bead-world", so they were more expensive to purchase. I own the blue and green lentils from this set. You would think I would want these since they incorporate my favorites of the yellows, pinks and oranges, but I was just drawn to the others even more-so and I wear that bracelet 2-3 times a week. This one is $95.00, like I said, more pricey, but it is beautiful and will be a favorite accessory to your wardrobe weekly, I PROMISE!

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