Sunday, December 9

Miss J!!!!

Hey, Miss J..... YOUR order is complete.... HALLELUIAH! I will deliver tomorrow!

Miss J (being discreet because these are Christmas gifts!) ordered 4 keychains and a bookmark all in sterling to be given as gifts for Christmas. I had an absolute fabulous time making these off and on today. I didn't get much else done since my hubby is under the weather and all of the kiddos were home running around stir-crazy from being trapped inside the house.

My children LOVE the outdoors and would rather run, bike, swim or swing any day of the year instead of being trapped indoors. We are a family who does not let the cold keep us from taking the kids outside, but today it was damp and cold. PLUS it really rained last night so the grass was all wet, so we didn't let them out. They did, however, make up for it by running around and jumping off the bed in the extra bedroom! They about gave me a heart attack...

In reference to this morning's "crockpot" post...... IT turned out fabulous! OH MY GOSH! This is an awesome recipe and was totally worth all the time and effort preparing for it. Just goes to show you that IN TIME (since it took 5 hours to be done) hard work DOES pay off!


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