Saturday, December 29


Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I was busy cleaning, decluttering and doing some final errand-running. I had a return customer from one of my fall shows drop into This Olde House and buy two more bracelets. BUT, I had to pick them up on Friday when Karen, the store owner, called and said they needed to be re-sized. No biggie there! I love Mrs. Valerie. She is from St. Louis and was in Jasper visiting her husband's family for an early Christmas so she stopped in and picked up a couple bracelets before returning to Missouri. When I first met her at the Jasper Armory Arts and Crafts Show she was in town visiting for Thanksgiving!

Just knowing she returned LOOKING for my goodies makes me feel so AWESOME! Thanks, Valerie!!

I have been unable to get to the craft studio (a.k.a. the basement) today; I have been busy making a batch of crocheted dishcloths for a surprise present for a relative. I found the most beautiful HOT colored cotton yarn and they just yelled "HER" name. I couldn't help but buy them and get ready to surprise the little deserving sweetie! I am done with them now, so I will be making some newbie bracelets (maybe earrings, too!) tomorrow and resizing the bracelets for a Monday delivery to Missouri!

I hope this finds you getting ready for the New Year of 2008! My New Year's Resolution is to NOT MAKE ANY RESOLUTIONS! I never end up keeping them anyway and then feel guilty and disappointed in myself... SO, why do it again, right???? I am not making resolutions, but am going to keep track DAILY of overcommitting myself to things that would take away time and money from my family, friends, business and most importantly, God.

I PROMISE to post something tomorrow!
I finally found the camera today!!

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