Wednesday, December 26

After Christmas Sales!!!

KayLee just got the cutest Christmas dresses for NEXT Christmas. I LOVE getting her dresses half-off! That is the only tradition I have for After-Christmas... GET HER A CHEAP DRESS! I also took advantage of JCPenney's home-decor sale and bought a couple sets of towels for the bathroom in a Rusty Barn Red color.

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa (Scott's grandparents) gave me money for Christmas and so I bought two more sets of PJ's at JCPenney's, too. I am going to throw out all of my old PJ's since they are too big and the pants keep falling off. Yeah, I know, bummer, right? Ha Ha! I love the luxury of NIIIIICE towels and NIIIIICE PJ's. Don't know why, just do. So, I am feelin' the love AND a little spoiled as well!

I went to K-Mart (aka Kame-Apart in our house) after the JCPenney's trip. I normally don't shop there, but knowing that Martha Stewart Christmas collections were 50% off, I had to go. I got about 6 or 7 rolls of wrapping paper for next year and coordinating ribbon to match. This year we ran out of the adult-looking paper, so I got a ton. They are all coordinating in brass, copper, silver, green, red, and snowflake blues and grays. Our gifts will be "HOT LOOKING" next year! WOO HOO! I also bought a four-pack of child wrapping paper for the four kids. I always just wrap each child's present in their own wrapping paper to have to avoid putting tags on the packages. Easier for me at least!

I also hit big ol' Wally-World and found some good deals. Gotta love 50% off! I bought some watches for the kids to play with since they broke all of mine when I let them play with them. HEY, maybe I should have bought MYSELF a watch, not them! NO, just kidding, I have a nice Movado watch that I wear now, so I let them have my old watches; well, except that Seiko, it was too nice still for them to play with! All the watches needed batteries anyway and I doubted that I would ever wear them again since I have my Movado. But, now they have gone to the dump. I forgot that I was going to give them watches for Christmas, but when I saw them on sale, I swooped them up fast!

All in all a FIIIIIIIIINE day of being a stay~at~home~mom! Josh babysat and I had a full day of shopping! I love Christmas Break!


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