Sunday, December 30

Added NEW List to Blog

On the left side-bar of my blog, here, I added a list of things I am going to try to work on. These are NOT resolutions! I commented about 'resolutions' in yesterday's post... But, I have been giving some thought on what I could do to "better" myself as a wife, mom, friend, home-manager, financial strategist and business owner (not necessarily in that order). AND, if you notice, I did NOT add to 'be healthier', 'start dieting', or 'lose weight', blah blah blah. I don't know what it is I am doing, but it is working. I am down 20 lbs from my average weight from the past 3 years, so I am going to keep being positive that the weight is going to keep melting away without worrying about it for once! I was almost in a 16Petite jeans and now can get on my 10Petite jeans with ease!

I still want that tummy-tuck though. Call me shallow, but that gut just isn't going away since having those last three kids in under three years, and it just plain bothers me! And being skinny (never larger than a size 5!!!) all my life (until the last three births) doesn't help me either. I have this image in my head on how I look... THEN, I look in the mirror and get a shock! YIKERS! ECH! UGH! Well, at least I look better than I did even three months ago!

I intend to keep adding to my list and to review it often so I keep working on becoming a better-me!

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