Monday, December 3

Last one for Monday!

I LOVEEEEEEE orange and purple together! It is probably my favorite combination next to pink and yellow! I love all the little details of this one, the purple flowers, the metallic dots on the purple "saucer" like beads, the light purple scrollwork on the center focal bead, the yellow dots on the outside of the focal... AND let's notice the beautifully encased beads on either side of the center bead! The swirls are blended, not bleeding into each other, perfection at its' finest! There are dark and light purples, as well as dark and light oranges in sparkling 8mm Swarovski's and the Bali bead caps are a wonderful accent to this piece! Click on the photo to enlarge and see all the wonderful details!

On another design note: encased beads are: beads that have designs (such as swirls, flowers, stripes) that are covered (otherwise known as encased) with a thick clear glass coating, thus making the bead bigger in size and giving the bead more dimension. When I get a chance I will show you a bead that has an encased flower inside, and with an added detail of a bubble-center in the flower! REALLY COOL!

Have a wonderful evening and I will catch ya'll tomorrow! Sweet Dreams!

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