Monday, December 10

I smell like CHILI!

I put on another crock-pot meal this morning and I am REEKING of chili powder, onion and garlic. I never made chili before (yes, really!) but when I found this crock-pot recipe, I thought I would try it. There aren't enough chilibeans in my opinion, and too many spices! What the heck IS cumin, anyway!?

It sounds more italian... But then again, IS chili Italian?? I don't know! Never really thought about the origin of chili, the meal. Hmmm... Might have to google it, or it will bother me. In addition to the tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, this recipe called for chili powder (obviously), oregano, cumin, basil, 4!! cloves of garlic, parsley, onion and green pepper! Sounds like lasagna to me! AND I am supposed to top it with cheese before serving... again, sounds italian!

Santa, a.k.a. the mailman, came today and brought me some more goodies! I will have to take pictures of the new beads before I play this evening! I am kind of at a beading stand-still since I am waiting on a stringing necessity to come in from being on backorder... hence why there aren't any new bracelets right now. I hate 'backorder'!

BACK LATER with some pics!!!!!!!!

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