Saturday, December 1

Steamin' Hot Espresso 2

Hello! This one is posted in November under Steamin' Hot Espresso. I re-strung this one because I wanted to add in my "Secret Ingredient" (see earlier posts)... I also decided to break up the colors into a new pattern as well. I like to group colors together in batches as I feel it makes more of a statement... BUT not everyone likes that look, so I made this one a little softer by taking away some of the browns, adding more of the Opal Purple and bringing out a new color by adding in a Khaki/Olive tone that is found on the center bead's dots. No change in price... Well, then again, I took out some square (more expensive Swarovski's) and changed some other components as well.... So, let's make this one $60.00!

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