Friday, December 21

Aunt Jodi's Present

Our (three youngest) children's Godmother loves purple! And, thank goodness she doesn't have internet at her house so I could post this for you all. She always gets a little something from the kids for Christmas, since we take it very very seriously that if something unfortunate were to happen to my hubby and I at the same time, that Jodi (and her hubby) will get Eli, KayLee and Isaac until they are grown. They always treat all of their nieces and nephews so special and I feel so at ease that if something does happen to Scott and me that the kids will be well taken care of.

I bought this 'aunt' charm along with another 'aunt' charm for another order. I let the gal choose which charm she liked best, and so since I had this left over, I thought I might as well add it since it was available and would look nice with this style (link) bracelet. I hope she likes it!

When I showed Eli, KayLee and Isaac their present for Aunt Jodi, they all just Ooo'ed and Ahh'ed, so since I got their approval I think it is good enough to give to her!

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