Sunday, December 9

LAVENDER Tigereye & Ballerina!

A new friend of mine ordered some matching jewelry for her two girls. One of the girls likes pink, the other purple... so I made these sets for them. Both girls are in dance classes already at ages 4 and 5... so I was asked to add the ballerina charm. It looks huge in the picture, but I am sure it will be fine when on the little girls' wrists.

I wasn't sure about using Dark/Deep Purple for a little girl... SO, I ordered both the dark purple and the lavender and honestly, I love the lavender better. You can not really see the Tigereye effect in the dark purple and it doesn't have much sparkle like that of the lavender's. My KayLee fell in love with these two sets, so I made her a similar bracelet, see below. (KayLee got the darker purple... I wanted to make hers different since she saw this set and the pink set ~below~ ; so I made her bracelet out of the darker purple tigereye.)

I hope the girls love their Christmas presents!

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