Sunday, December 9


My assistant, JOSH, aka my 17 1/2 yr old son, kindly posed for the camera with my sterling beaded bookmark I made earlier today. I love this bookmark. I honestly thought that the bookmark would get too heavy with all the crystal and sterling beads, but it is not heavy at all. AND WHAT BLINGGGG! I need to make myself one of these just so I can carry around a book and show it off! Ha Ha!

I doubt if I would get much reading done, I would be too busy playing with the beads! I used all shades of Purple... Violet, lavender, amethyst, tanzanite and more! I used just two of the tigereye beads I used in yesterday's children's bracelets (see this morning's post below)... And, of course, some Swarovski Pearls in lavender as well... Pretty, huh?


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