Thursday, December 20


WHEW! I am DONEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I finally have all orders finished AND delivered, believe it or not! OF course, with those comes additional orders... People seeing something I made for a friend and wanting something for themselves. Some people call this business success, I call it "spreading the loooove". I really really can't express exactly how much I love (*LOOOVE*) doing what I do with this business. Playing cupid or elf, setting up friends with gifts from other friends and family. Or simply seeing how the person reacts when they receive their order is payment enough. If I can make enough money to pay for the actual costs of supplies in the item (like a bracelet or a nameframe) and just a PINCH of money for the time that it took making the item, I am ecstatic! And, sometimes I don't even make that! But, that is okay!

I keep getting told that I should charge more, but I really am about "spreading the love". I know that if I charged what a "real business" would charge by doubling the wholesale cost to make it retail everytime and paying myself an average $25.00 an hour for my time, I wouldn't have as many customers. AND you know what that means, don't you?? There wouldn't be as many happy people 'okay' with treating themself to a nice gift; OR as many happy people "paying it forward" by being able to afford to give a nice present. I would much rather keep the happiness around me and see other friends and customers be able to afford to give a nice gift that elsewhere would cost an arm and a leg.

Some people's mindframes are "I gotta make money" or "money is success". Not me. (I probably used to have more of that attitude, but not anymore.) Money is nice and needed, don't get me wrong. I like having money to buy food, pay for my utilities and home, and to buy myself some new cotton-wool blend socks as I did last night. But, to me, happiness IS success. I just giggled yesterday when I played "ELF" and delivered some goodies that will be given as presents next week. I actually said to myself in my head, "Now THIS is what IT is all about!" And, by "IT" I meant LIFE. To have something you enjoy to do and would do FREE but actually get paid for is such a blessing.

Thank you to each and every ONE of you. Whether you are loyal return-customers, family or friends that support me, I appreciate all you do in my life. I would not be this successful this FAST since taking on Anderson Arts (since November) if it weren't for YOU!

Well, I am off to make some presents for my Grandma-In-Law, Mother-In-Law and more! Have a SUPAH day and I will post some pics when I get a chance today or tonight. (Don't forget to add me to your Favorites so you remember to return to check in on me!)

IF there's anyone that you have forgotten about and need a quick present, I always have something sitting around, or can whip something up quick for you. JUST CALL or EMAIL (in profile at left)! I would love for you to have that 'She's gonna love it' feeling when you give a gift instead of thinking, "I hope it's okay!!!" and worrying about it. It's not too late! Let me help you "spread the love"!!

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