Monday, May 19


HI there, everyone! If you are a newbie reader looking to win the gorgeous KeyBling (which is made of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and fine lampwork glass beads) please read the directions at top on how to win!

Simply put, all you do is:
(1) click on the cute pink & green striped tent in left column....
(2) click on the long white bar on the next tab/screen that pops up....
(3) find my ranking #1, #2, or whatever....
and (4) email my ranking to!

Note: You do NOT need to leave a comment or "rate" me for your vote to count. JUST clicking on the tent and seeing me in the ranking/list IS a VOTE!

It is that simple!

IF the system hangs for more than 20 seconds, then the site is doing a tally-update at precisely that moment. SO, wait 5 minutes, and try again! You can vote every 24 hours for an entry to win the fab-U-lous KeyBling, just be sure to email me and let me know that you voted!

Thank YOU for voting!
Put me in your favorites so you remember
to vote every 24 hours!

You can win even MORE entries!

1 comment:

JenMarie said...

Ok, duh me, I just read how clicking on the tent is a vote! I thought it was 'rating'...
Well then, I'll be clicking a lot more then!!!