Monday, May 19

My Anniversary card!

Sometimes I hate knowing that my hubby doesn't check my blog. It gives me a sense of uncaring. BUT, then again, if he checked it I wouldn't be able to show you the card I made for him for our anniversary coming up. Well, not coming up SOON, as our anniversary is the 4th of July, not June, but since I had time this weekend to attack some past challenges on SplitCoast, I went ahead and made some cards I KNEW that HAD to be made eventually.

Being married on the 4th of July, I just HAD to use this stamp set by SUP! that I borrowed from my friend, Tiffany. It is made for the 4th of July; to celebrate that day. I didn't do red, white and blue, though as my hubby tends to not want to incorporate the holiday into OUR day (which I think is sweet!). So, I used this happy paper by Bo Bunny. It does have stars, (I hope he doesn't hate that!), but it still seems lovey dovey with the heart, I think. I will write a personal note inside of course, since there is no real sentiment on the front. You better just promise not to tell him it is on here for him to see! HA HA!

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