Monday, May 26

Secret Project

I worked all day on a project that I hope to debut sometime next week, at earliest. Is it jewelry? NO! Is it papercrafts? NO! Hmm... what else could it be?

In reality it may take a week or two because of my slow-moving ways these days! BUT at least summer is HERE and the kids are at home and JOSH (my lovely 18 year old!) can help me with the tough leg-work that my body can't endure right now. I love him! He is always so ready to help without complaint. That must come with age, as he was NOT like this when he was 14!

OK, so for the two that know about the project, keep quiet! Until then...


Robb_eeie said...

Geeesh all these ~teasers~ !! And you know I can't keep a secret :)

So am I one of the two that know? Hmmmmmm .... let me think .....

Ohhhhh ya I remember, you're talking about that thing that was sorta going to be another thing and then went again back to the last thing and now I think it's changed to the best thing that you thought was going to be your first thing?

See I told you I can't keep secrets :) ha ha

KJ said...

Care to fill us in yet?! You know how I hate surprises! LOL!