Tuesday, May 20

Mrs. Small's KeyBling

My kindergartener, Eli, has just three more days of school left! I can hardly believe that this year has come to a close already! And to know that sweet little Eli is now going to first grade... it really chokes me up! So, for his wonderful teacher, Valerie Small, goes this beautiful one of a kind KeyBling! I want her to use it and remember Eli each and every day! If you knew Eli's personality you would understand why! He is such a sweet, quiet and loving boy; definitely one of the 'good' kids in the class. So, I am sure she will think of him fondly when she uses this keychain that was made JUST for her!

Thank You, Mrs. Small!
We will see you next year!
Maybe KayLee will have you, too!


Sheila D said...

Beautiful, of course. What sweet gifts. I'm sure she will remember Eli. He sounds like such a sweet boy.

KJ said...

She's going to LOVE IT! Hey, I love the new profile photo of you and your new RED 'do!!

JenMarie said...

She'll LOVE it, fabulous colors!!