Monday, May 19


The best thing about COPIC markers are having flesh-tones to color in images that have skin! I am going to get more skin colors to be able to incorporate more shades of different caucasions (not to mention other ethnicities), we are not all WHITE, you know! Some of us are yellow-toned, some pink, some are lucky enough to TAN easy! But until then I will use what I have, which is this tone below. I colored the face twice to make it darker (like in a shadow of the background). I also colored the outside of the image in blue a few times until I got the desired shade of blue I was looking for to match the Prima flower.

I have several stamp sets that I have been unable to use (or just not felt comfortable to use) since I didn't have a way to color the skin. But with that being remedied, a whole new world of stamps have been opened up to me! Click to enlarge this card so you can see the shading of skin on the arms and fingers!

{{{IF this image posts twice, it is because I tried posting it earlier and it got lost in blogger-land}}}

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