Sunday, May 25

Last day of school 2008!

I just had to share these pictures of my kids from Friday, the LAST day of the school year. This is JOSH, now facing his Senior year of High School, hard to believe!

Wouldn't you look this happy if you were on the threshold of SUMMER? Eli wrapped up his first year of school with flying colors! NOW on to First grade!

AND, here is my little RAY of SUNSHINE! HA HA! KayLee woke up right after Eli and Josh left for school and I just had to take a picture of this LOOK! I mean, what is up with the hair? KayLee will be headed to Kindergarten next year, I can hardly believe that, too!

Then, there's Isaac. My biggest worry. How many girls do you estimate will be tracking him down once he hits school? What a beauty for a boy, huh?
OH, and I just want to say that I appreciate the emails from everyone inquiring about my recovery. I am still having some issues, so as long as I am pretty docile and not get up and down I do okay. I am able to sit and bead since everything is at arm's length (unlike my papercrafting, which involves getting up and down for stamps and paper, opening drawers for embellishments, ribbon, etc.) so I hope to get some more beading done later today. YES, I KNOW it is 4am! Like I said, still having recovery-issues! HA HA! Thanks again for all of the well-wishes and prayers, they are so appreciated!
Have a SUPAH day!


JenMarie said...

What beautiful children!

KJ said...

Oh, shoot! I should've taken last day of school pictures, too! Love the pictures! They all look so good!