Monday, May 12

All's well!

Ok, so the dr. appointment took too long and then I forgot to drop something off at This Olde House... SO this means I had to go back out and do some extra running around. I have been on my feet wayyyyyy too much and seriously MUST lay down. My pelvis feels like it is breaking in half, so after a much needed rest I will post the next freebie that is up for grabs. I changed my mind on what I was going to post, so the timeframe of the drawing may change as well. I need to think on it and decide later after I find a clear-brain to use. Right now everything is just all fuzzy.

Thanks again for all of the well-wishes and emails. {A special THANKS to JenMarie for the lovely card, too!} I still haven't emailed everyone concerning jewelry requests and/or personal questions, so for now just know that I am on the upswing (according to my doctor this afternoon)and will return to regular blogging and returning emails soon. Thanks so much for being supportive during this time of recovery. Seriously this surgery/repair has been a lot more difficult than expected, so I sincerely appreciate your kindness and patience!

Check back later for the Freebie!