Wednesday, May 14

Freebie Posted!!!

OKAY PEOPLE! The next freebie is posted. I changed my mind from one thing to another to now this. I don't have time to pull together the other idea I had. SO, for now, this time, it will be another KeyBling! I will save the other idea for next time.

AND, after much thought and consideration, I got realistic on the amount of time I have to put towards tallying, drawing, posting, etc... And, since the next two weeks are a huge mess of little things piling up to do (dentist appts, immunization appts, school letting out, dr. appts, regular orders to fill, NEW and EXCITING adventures I committed to) I think that a 2 week drawing it will be. This just gives you more chances to win!

The picture doesn't do the keychain justice at all. This is honestly one of my personal favorites. I LOVE the color combo since it can be a year-round KeyBling with the lime and also with the mocca chocolate crystals. It is really beautiful! And, shoot, if ya win and don't like it, give it to someone for their birthday! HA HA!

OK, that is it! I am off to make some teacher's gifts for KayLee's teachers. Her last day of preschool is tomorrow! And I want to make sure they know we appreciate their hard work. Since teaching the preschool through 5th grade art classes, I KNOW how much work teachers put in behind the scenes on their own time! So, I just want to say THANKS!

Miss Donna
Miss Kiley,

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