Sunday, May 18

Checkin' In...

Hiddy Ho Neighbor (as my Tim Allen-loving friend, Chas, would say) ! I apologize for not posting the Copics results yet. I hope everyone's weekend was exciting and fun at the same time!

I had a few errands to run today and then had some continuing issues from my surgery (that I had a couple of weeks ago) that put me back in bed by 7pm tonight. I didn't mean to fall asleep for five hours! I even slept in until 11am this morning! WOW, I didn't even feel sleepy, so waking up at midnight was quite a shock! NOW I am awake running around with COPICS on the brain! I just want to go play some more and I guess I might just have to if I can't get back to sleep again! UGH!

I made some really fun cards on Saturday using my Copics, and I have to say that I love having flesh-tones the most. I first reached for a stamp set that I haven't used ever in 2 years because it had a woman's image and before I didn't know what to do with the skin coloring! Well, let me tell you what... problem, no more! I gave her skin and some blush, too!

I have always loved to color, whether using crayons in coloring books with the kids, pencil colors, watercolor crayons or pastels with my SUP! stamps, coloring has always been a great form of relaxation for me. Copic-coloring has been extra fun! It is like 'adult-coloring' and to be able to use these and get nice-enough results that you feel proud to show on a card to send out to a friend or family makes me happy to invest in even MORE colors!

WELL, I am going to try to go back to bed and get more rest AND sleep. I don't know how successful I will be doing that since my brain is saying "stamp, Stamp, STAMP!!!" but I know I really need to keep resting and recovering with some extra down-time for a few more weeks until I can go full-strength. I will post goodies tomorrow, so check back!

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Robb_eeie said...

I'm so pleased Nicole, that you're enjoying your new Copics and discovering all the unique shades and affects you can achieve with such ease. [[NOTE: I'm still jealous!!]] Ha Ha

I know there are a lot of bloggers/crafters/artists, etc. who say you can use other products and techniques, that are less of an investment, and obtain the same results. This may be true if your artistic talents are similar to a Master like Vincent Van Gogh...but for me having the right tool is key for creating an everlasting keepsake for someone special in my life *smile*

When I first got my Copics, I remember sitting down with several pre-inked images I wanted to colour ... next thing I knew it was three hours later! ARGHH!! They are a **~Dream~** and for me, well-worth the investment. Just make sure to come up for air every now and then Nicole, and post some photos of your creations =) Can't wait to see them.