Tuesday, May 27

Southern Living at Home

My mom and sister sell Southern Living at Home. IF you don't know what that "SCHTUFF" is, check out their online magazine : HERE! After I saw their MEGA KIT that you get when you join, I decided to do it! If you have ever been in my house, you will see that my decor is limited. I have never really invested into homey decorative items. You would think that being an artist and past kitchen designer that I would have this real elaborate house that reflects my personality... Wellllllll, Uh..... no. I am ashamed to say that is just one thing that I have never tried to tackle. But I have an excuse....

When Scott and I got married in 2001 and got pregnant right away, there was really no time, not to mention desire, to 'make a home'. I was so sick the first year of our marriage due to the pregnancy and then after Eli was born I was pregnant again 4 months later. So, knowing that we would have two little babies running around soon, I didn't really want to purchase items for our home in fear of them getting broken by the kids. Fast forward now to 2008, the kiddos are older and was less accident prone compared to 6 years ago, and knowing that I have always ALWAYS loved Southern Living at Home items because of their durability and HIGH END quality, I decided to pick up the MEGA KIT for just $199.00! (It is regularly $299.00, but it is $100.00 off till the end of May!!!) There is well over $750.oo of product in it! Some items I do already own, (believe it or not; since like I said my decor is LIMITED), but that is okay! I could use the same items in another area of the house!

AND IN ADDITION to the MEGA KIT, they also offer an ENHANCEMENT KIT a couple times a year to help you have new items on hand for shows, but at majorly discounted prices. So, I picked it up as well! Over $260.00 of product for just $99.00!! I am going to have so much crap in the house I won't recognize it! HA HA!

SO, if you would like to share in the "decorating excitement", check out their ONLINE CATALOG and let me know if there is something you would like. You of course can also have your own show at my home or yours, however, I WILL NOT be pushing that idea on anyone, as that is NOT why I joined up with Southern Living; but I would be more than happy to pass along my discount with my first order (and maybe future ones, too!!!). There are really awesome hostess specials for MAY and JUNE, I am thinking of getting the grilling set for my hubby! So if you are interested in earning these products free, then let me know and I would be glad to get you going. ((Have a catalog party and collect orders, that is an easy way to do it!))

Anyhoo, I will be placing an order by the end of the week, so if you want to get in on some really fine, quality items, just give me a shout (or email me if you aren't local, addy in my profile) and I would be glad to get these wonderful items to you. Their items are a bit on the higher-price scale, but with my discount, it should help a bunch AND once you see and feel the quality, you will be glad you invested in some fine pieces for your home!

Well, the kids are up and ready for breakfast and their official FIRST day of SUMMER! I will check in on ya'll later!

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