Friday, May 2

Note of Appreciation...

I just wanted to post a HUGE

" THANKS ! ! ! "

to all of you guys for your votes! I am back up to #2, but off and on, I actually do make it to the top ranking of #1!! Just last night I was ranked #1! It didn't last long, but I know I wouldn't be this close to the top if it weren't for you all!

Many of you may not realize that being on this list (not to mention ranked so high) has helped me find customers, or rather, helped customers find me! So, that is why it is so important to me to stay on the first page! Most of you all know that I don't do this full-time {YET!} so I do really appreciate it when I am lucky enough to find new people who love my stuff enough to purchase it! Keeps the bills paid on time! Enjoy your evening, everyone, and thanks again!

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