Tuesday, May 20

Geri's KeyBling

ONE day a week, for just three hours (from 8am to 11am) I have a wonderful gal that watches my KayLee and Isaac so I can get some house work or errand-running done. OR should I say 'had'? Tomorrow is her last day watching the kids. Next year KayLee will be in kindergarten and Isaac will be in preschool four days a week in the afternoon, so I won't be needing her anymore. She watched them off and on last school year just for a few months in the spring, too. I love Geri, she is such a wonderful person. I have known her since 1988 when I moved to Jasper, during my senior year of High School; so I guess you could say that she knows me rather well!

I thought it would be nice for her to have a keychain so that everyday when she goes to the store or comes home to unlock the door, she will think of the kids! Thank goodness they DO behave when they are there or else she just might not WANT to think about them! HA HA!

Thanks, Geri, for your wonderful patience with the kids! We love you!


Sheila D said...

It's gorgeous and what a beautiful idea. She'll love it.

KJ said...

How sweet! And, it's gorgeous, of course!

StamperSharon said...

Wow, your jewelry and keyrings are amazing -- truly inspiring!!

JenMarie said...

Another beauty!
Great idea, to have someone watch the kids weekly.