Thursday, February 12

First Isaac, then Eli, NOW ME!

Isaac got sick on Saturday, took him to the dr. on Monday; Diagnosis: Strep.

Eli came home yesterday with 103, took him to the dr. yesterday afternoon; Diagnosis: Strep.

I had an itch throat for 3 days, try to self-medicate, got a temp late last night, got chills... dr. appt in 45 minutes; Diagnosis: expecting Strep.

EDITED TO ADD: If it isn't strep, it is most likely mono!
Dr. M. said that if I get worse by Saturday, it is probably Mono and will need to be in the hospital for IV fluids and antibiotics!

Will let you know!!


Mary said...

Hi Nicole, I am sorry to hear bout the sickness going around. I just prayed for you so feel God's touch in your body. May God Bless you and keep you. Amen. Get well and take care. Thanks for all your sharing with us. Sqeeze those lemons for lemonade cuz there are healing juices flowing from lemons. Have a great weekend. :)
From Mary in Maine

Carolyn King said...

oh no...hope you all feel better!

Tiffany Bauer said...

OMG!! I hope you are all doing much better very soon!!! I would hate to see you have to go into the hosp!! If you need anything let us know, we are there for ya!!!

Luv ya!!