Sunday, February 15


Talk about excited!! I won my first EVER set from Our Craft Lounge!! I think this is such a cute set!! Look at the sentiments, too! 'You make my heart spring'!! and 'Something's Screwy'!!! AW!! AND there's even an 'I'm Sorry'!! AWESOME!! Thanks, OCL!! As soon as I get it in the mail and make something with it, I will post it for your review!!

Hope you all had a nice Sunday. I am well on the upswing from my strep-situation, but still kept myself away from the kids so they don't get re-contaminated again! I honestly can't believe that KayLee didn't get it yet! WOW! She does drink a lot of Vitamin C, so I bet that does help her.

I will check in with you all tomorrow!
Good Night!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

Congrats girlfriend!!!! Have fun playing with your new stamps and I am sure you will share!!!