Friday, February 13

Still in bed, but I can laptop!

Good Evening, Peeps! I am still confined to my room so that I don't infect the kids with strep (and/or mono).... BUT, I forgot that I didn't share my Valentine Buckets for my two preschool teachers! I took these Prima Clear Paint Can buckets and filled them with Hershey's Bars and Mini-Tootsie roll pops and topped it with a floral lid! Added some ribbon for softness and love and VIOLA! Instant Gift!

I was going to add a belly band around the middle with some patterned papers, and a Candy Label or something, but when you are sick with strep, you do what you can. I didn't even get to make KayLee's teacher what I wanted to! So, I hope she was okay with her Anderson Arts BookBling made of Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads and a lampwork bead shaped like a heart. If I can find a picture of it in my stash I will post it for you tomorrow.

Until then, I am headed to bed.... UH, wait a minute, I AM IN BED! OK, so I am going to go get a dvd, pop it in the laptop and watch a movie in bed! HAHA!!

As for me, if you care to know... I do feel somewhat better since I haven't had a fever and chills all day, but my throat is still razor-blade raw and my body still achy. I hope tomorrow morning I will be at least a little better, or it is off to the hospital I GO! UGH, and I don't want that at ALL!

Back SOON!


JenMarie said...

Hope you feel better soon!
GREAT gift!

Amy S said...

hey Nicole- maybe we could be "roommates" THATS RIGHT= I got it too!!!! Stinks!! AMY