Tuesday, February 17

Lovely Blog Award

I have been given a Blog award from Andrea at Crafty Engineering! AW!!! She is just so super sweet AND UBER TALENTED "craft-wise"!! I have just recently gotten to know Andrea and really think she is an outstanding person! All around great gal, giving, too, always trying to help others with her 'Blog Candy for a Cause' and raise awareness for those people who need it!

Thanks, Andrea!

To pass this along... of course I am supposed to give this to some wonderful other bloggers!! Well, I just recently gave out an award last week, so I will pick some different people that I do indeed also admire!

Well, I have to say that one right now, really stands out....
Stamping with Di - OH MY GOSH, she is so totally hilarious! Her witty personality shines through her words, please check her out! I should mention that her creations totally ROCK, too!!

Marianne Walker - I haven't mentioned her lately! For those who love Copic Markers, she is ONE GAL you need to get to know through her blog! She shares her tips AND SECRETS to her divine illustrations! And she now has her own stampline, Our Craft Lounge!

Carolyn King - I still love Cammie, she is one great gal, and a NEWBIE Dirty Dozen!! She has wonderful and inspiring creations nearly everyday on her blog! She is a designer for a couple of stamp companies and is published often in magazines, too!!

Rachelle Anne Miller - OH GEEZZZZZZ, check out this gal's stamps! I seriously am in LOVE with her! She's more artistic than crafty, in my opinion, please look at her illustrations, they seriously are to die for!!

Denise Marzec - AKA Peanutbee, is another great cardmaker! I love the fact that she adds an interior design to her cards. I always stamp my envelopes, but she does the inside, as well as card fronts!! She designs for some stamp companies, as well, so you KNOW she is talented!

There's my Five, I could go on, but seriously the kids are coming off the bus as I type! (I sent Josh to go get them, he's super sweet sometimes.... I wonder if he's wanting something... HAHA!)

Make it a super afternoon!


Crafty Engineering said...

Thanks for the kind words! It has been great getting to know you!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh my gosh, GF, you're sooooo sweet! Thank you!!!!! {{Nicole}}