Saturday, February 14

Stampin' with Di - OH MY

I just found this blog, STAMPIN' WITH DI.... Not only does she have two blog candies up for grabs, but she is HILARIOUS!! I am so glad to have found her blog! I feel like she would be such a fun person to hang out and scrap with at a retreat! I bet she is just constantly filling rooms with her humor and laughter! Her creations are wonderful, too! Her work is so beautifully detailed and remarkable in every way! I put her in my blogroll, so I can stalk her everyday!!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! I am still confined to my room, so all I did was blog hop and play computer games all day... (well, I had to throw in a couple naps here and there, too!) I am getting really good at Mahjong! I am headed to watch a movie with my hubby!

Enjoy the evening!!

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