Friday, February 13

Somewhere over my backyard....

....was this rainbow!! On Wednesday we had severe winds and a nasty storm come through Dubois County. East of Jasper, near Celestine (10 minutes away) they had tornado-like weather! AND even just yesterday on my way to the doctor's office I saw a huge tree totally uprooted and fallen over laying on the ground, just barely missing one house's roof-line by inches!

Well, just after the worst part of the storm went through, I looked out my kitchen window and saw this!!! Isn't it beautiful!? OH, and this is not photo enhanced! I just cropped it short on the left a little bit to make it square. Pretty, HUH?

I am still sick in bed, Isaac is at a friend's house for the day so Scott can go to work. AND this way I can rest and not contaminate him either!!

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