Tuesday, January 27

Home again.....

The kids are home again... Depending where you walk on my property we have anywhere between 1/2" to 10" of snow (darn snowdrifts!).... I swear at this point Josh will NEVER graduate! UGH!!!!! Or at least we will be going to school in June! That would really suck!

I am still waiting for another 4 comments on my blog's Wednesday Winner post! Doesn't anyone want FREE STUFF anymore? I mean, there is no twist, you will receive it bubble wrapped and mailed to your doorstep! All you have to do is leave a comment! You can also post anonymously, check back on Wednesday, and if you win, just email me your snail mail addy and I will ship out right away! Even if you are a cardmaker, you can still use it for sketch-inspiration in the future, or just to get you out of a pinch when you need to send something out right away and don't have any of your own handy. This card looks perfect for a friend who might be struggling with some personal or professional issues. The black doesn't exactly say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" if you know what I mean! HA!

Well, let's have those comments people! I already have the next Wednesday Winner ready to post tomorrow at noon! SO!!!!!!!!!! Let's comment people! OH, and you could tell me what item you would like to see next time as a Wednesday Winner... Jewelry? Gift item? Altered art?

Gotta go get a snack made for the kids to munch on later!

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